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I'll be making a fool of myself if I repeat here in this post what Toufee is for, but this post is still about those things what Toufee can be used for - and how differently!

  1. Create a website Have I gone crazy? Can you build a website using Toufee? Well, to start with you can building a simple Toufee-based site, and technically each frame becomes a page (ideal for personal websites with less number of pages). If you are convinced by this idea, you can burn the rubber a bit more and try doing navigation links, content body as seperate Toufee movies (Honestly, this is too much exaggeration, pardon me...)
  2. Spice up your videos If you have band, wont it be cool if you can add a bit of glamour to your videos? You can add an intro section, subtitle your song (excuse me, how do you do that using Toufee? The answer - I don't know, you've got to figure it out ;) ) and a credits section at the end of your video. Doesn't your song look cool now? No? You're not convinced ? ok then, I'll pass this one :)
  3. Your personalised greeting card maker Some users would have already figured this out. For those who haven't, here's the truth - Toufee can be a great tool to make your own animated greeting. The messages, pictures, the effects - its all yours. Its better than those ready-to-email cards and definitely better if you wish to get your girlfriend's attention (a word of'll get more attention if you mess it up!)
Btw, I am no expert at these things, I am just putting my thoughts together to see if it makes sense - if it doesn't you can always leave a comment. Oouch...I am already starting to hear a few ;) Till next time, Ganesh Toufee Support

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