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Do you want to create your perfect "How To" video for your followers?

How to Videos are a great way to engage your list. Create Gorgeous, Professional, personalized "How To" videos for your followers. You don't need to download or install anything.

Just answer a few simple questions and get your "How To" video in minutes..

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How To Videos

Need help making a stunning Top 10 List? We are here to help.

Toufee is perfect for quickly creating top 10 lists. With our 10+ years of experience we understand what is needed to convert your lists into a video quickly! So Just add items to your list and get your "Top 10" video ready in a matter of minutes!

Get full access to all our video styles and themes in HD quality

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Top 10 Videos

Create and share your video guides to Youtube, Facebook and Twitter with our Pro Tools!

With Toufee's Pro Tools you can not only create but also upload your video to Youtube, Facebook and Twitter in a matter of minutes. You will get a complete package that will make sure that your video is online quickly and reliably.

Get complete access to all features, bonuses and settings. You can also edit the videos created by our wizard in WYSIWYG Editor.

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Custom Videos

Your Lists + Our Skill = Engaging Videos

Do you know that 43% of top search results consists of some form of guide using phrases like "How to..", "Top 10.." or "5 Ways..". And, video results forms a large chunk of these results. With Toufee you can quickly convert your list to an engaging video in a matter of minutes! Toufee is world's fastest video maker. With Toufee you can create a video and upload it to sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter in minutes!

This can help you feature in top search results for keywords in almost any niche. It will also help you create a close bond with your audience through useful reliable information provided in a smart and fun way!

View Sample Videos
View Sample Videos

"How To..", "Top 10.." and "5 ways.." videos created with Toufee

These sample video lists are created by our members in Toufee. You can create videos for personal and business use with Toufee.

Toufee Top 10 Fastest Cars Video
Toufee Top 5 Ways to Weight Loss without dieting Video
Toufee 8 Step Solution to Perfect Makeup Tour

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A start to Finish package for your video list.

Toufee understands that you can truely benefit from your video lists only when they are available to your audience across all the social platforms quickly. Toufee is not just an innovative video list creator. It is a complete package! You can not only create your videos, but you can also distribute it to top 3 social destinations, i.e. Youtube, Facebook and Twitter in HD Quality from right within our wizards. No need to manually download and upload these videos to each indidual site. Save time and money!

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Focus on Content. We will take care of Design!

Focus on your List and we will take care of Design!

The biggest problem with starting any new video is the most of us can't think in terms of design. That is why we have created our unique wizard so that you don't need to focus on design anymore. All you need is to answer a few simple question and your videos and banners will be ready in minutes!

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Easiest video creator

Easiest video creator

Toufee is world's easiest video creator. You can make hundreds of different styles of videos with Toufee in minutes. It is designed with an average internet user and small business owners in mind. With Toufee, you can create a gorgeous video in just a few clicks!

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Choose from our 30 gorgeous video styles

Choose from our 30 gorgeous video styles

Select any one of our 30 beautiful video styles to create a stunning video with is guranteed to attract your viewers. Whether you are creating a video for your business or for a personal occassion you are guranteed to get appreciation from your viewers.

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Stunning new interface that works everywhere

Stunning new interface that works everywhere

If you like to do everything on your phone or iPad, now you can also create article marketing videos on it too! Toufee is fully HTML5 designed and runs on all mobile phones and devices. No messy download or app installations required.

Works with iPhone and Android

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Advanced Tools for Power Users

Advanced Tools for Power Users

Toufee's WYSIWYG Editor Offers complete flexibility to designers and Power users who want to make sure that there videos are tailored exactly as they want them to be. Toufee's WYSIWYG Editor offers you numerous option to create almost any type of video you can imagine!

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How it works?

Check out this video to found out how simple it is to create a list video with Toufee

Make How-To videos with Toufee

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