How Toufee Flash Movies and YouTube Accelerate Your Internet Marketing

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Toufee, the popular online flash movie maker, now, more than ever, might be your best strategy for effective internet marketing. According to a recent report from ComScore 25% of all Google search queriesĀ  in the U.S. are for "YouTube". In simple terms, every 1 out of 4 users using Google in the U.S. happen to search for YouTube and many eventually end up viewing a YouTube video. So how does this benefit Toufee users and internet marketers who use Toufee flash movies? For an internet marketer, this is great news, since YouTube presents a high-quality, targeted marketing platform that comes for free and has virtually no hassles setting up. All one needs is a good flash movie or a video presentation to deliver their marketing message and post this on YouTube. With Toufee flash movie maker, creating flash movies and flash videos is just a walk in the park. Toufee flash movie maker brings the power of Internet to your desktop as there are no software to install nor do you have to spend on costly hardware. All that you need is online connectivity and you can jumpstart in making your flash movies right from the word go. YouTube publishing - the new marketing mantra As you read earlier, going by the statistics, YouTube is sure an excellent marketing vehicle and publishing flash movies to YouTube is all the more easy with Toufee. In YouTube you have a wealth of traffic ready at your hands, all you need is a good flash video or a flash presentation to complete your marketing message - Toufee is your best bet for making flash movies. One of the most sought after feature of Toufee is its support for YouTube publishing, something that many flash movie maker applications miss out on. Toufee makes publishing flash videos to YouTube as simple as it could get - all you need to do is select Publish to YouTube option in Toufee and in a matter of minutes Toufee emails you the link to download the AVI version of your flash movie which you then upload to YouTube to kickstart your marketing. We have many users who already use Toufee for creating marketing campaigns and promos and publish themĀ  on YouTube channels. Publishing Toufee flash movies to YouTube not only generates a lot of good traffic from YouTube, but also gets you a equally good traffic from Google as well! Since YouTube videos are always indexed by Google and returned on the first few search results, if you have a marketing video that is popular in YouTube, chances are that the same YouTube flash video might be indexed and returned when users search for related keywords in Google. This is the double-effect that you get when you combine the power of Toufee flash movies with a website like YouTube, that is the second-home to Internet users after Google. Work anywhere, anytime, hassle-free Toufee being an online flash application not only reduces the initial hassles of setting up a flash moviemaker application but provides all the tools that you need to create a professionally-looking flash movies. Toufee offers one-stop solution for all your requirements - you don't have to waste your time scouting the Internet for images, audio or video; Toufee has an ever-growing database of images, audio and video that are constantly updated and tagged. That is not all, since Toufee supports direct import of media files from Flickr, Stock Photos for images and popular video engines like YouTube, Google Videos, Yahoo Videos and Metacafe for videos - all this from within the Toufee flash moviemaker application. With Toufee, there is a never a lost moment. Publish at a single click! As easy as it is to create flash movies with Toufee, so it is to publish flash movies. Toufee offers one-click publishing to popular social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Orkut and to blogs like Blogger, TypePad etc. Here is a complete article that discusses more on Toufee's one-click publishing feature. If you are planning to host the flash videos in your own websites, then you can easily export your flash movies to SWF or simply copy the HTML code from Toufee and add this to your website. With Toufee, making flash videos is just as easy. With Toufee and YouTube, your internet marketing is as simple as uploading the AVI version of your Toufee flash movie to YouTube. And as you read earlier, if your flash video or your marketing presentation is good enough, YouTube will take care of the rest.

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