How Toufee secures your Flash movies

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The normal flash movies that you see on websites, use a small software component called the Flash plugin. This Flash plugin comes along with your browsers (IE, Firefox, Netscape etc) but you can also manually install it by downloading it from Adobe site. This Flash plugin is responsible for playing the flash movies and flash videos that you see on all flash-enabled websites. In a normal website with Flash content, though its not directly possible to save those Flash videos, there are lots of workaround you can do to save a Flash movie that you see on a website (In Firefox, saving Flash content is relatively easier than IE. In Firefox, open a webpage with Flash animations, right-click anywhere on the page and select "View Page Info" from the popup menu. This opens the "Page Info" Dialog box. Select "Media" tab. Firefox lists all the media files (images, sounds, videos) that's prsent on the webpage. The flash movies will be listed under Embed type with .SWF extension. Click on "Save As..." button to save the flash movie. Isn't that cool???) . You can do the same stuff in IE using IE plugins like "Flash Saving Plugin 1.2", Aevita Save Flash, etc. This option to save Flash content from websites is great, but assume that you're developing a paid courseware service in Flash and hosting it on your site. Imagine if users save your Flash content? Imagine they distribute it illegally over the internet? You lose your customers as well as your revenues. Keeping this in mind, we developed Toufee Movie Maker flashbox technology, which is a small layer of software that automatically loads when a webpage with Toufee movie is loaded. Instead of the Flash plugin, Toufee Movie Maker flashbox takes control of the Toufee movie (remember Toufee movies are also Flash movies but are optimized for enhanced security and faster downloads). Toufee's flashbox still uses the same Adobe Flash plugin to play the Toufee movies, but conceals the flash movie content such that Firefox and IE plugins cannot recognize it. Toufee's flashbox adds the important security feature to your Flash movies such that it cannot be saved. We are also developing additional features into this flashbox to support what we call "permission-based playing" that allows you to control what your target audience can/cannot view. Toufee's flashbox is a great tool if you are developing commercial content delivery using Flash technology. Toufee Movie Maker's flashbox technology provides you enhanced security as well as the flexibility to control content delivery. You can verify if it works by opening your Toufee movie in Firefox and check the "Media" section to see if it displays any flash (.SWF) files - it won't - your Flash movies are secured by Toufee. Ganesh Toufee Support

  • 12 years ago

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