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Nope, we're not asking you to do marketing campaigns for Toufee, that's asking too much :). We wanted to make the best free online flash movie maker and we ended up creating Toufee. Ever since its inception, Toufee has evolved as the preferred online flash movie maker tool. We didn't do any marketing, we never ran any campaigns and still we've grown this far simply because we had the support of our users all over the globe. So what are we asking you to do? Help us with promoting Toufee as the best online flash movie maker tool? Absolutely not! If not for the support of our users all this while, we couldn't have made it to where we are today in the business of online flash movie maker tool. We created Toufee alright, but we owe this success to all those people who have spread the word of Toufee, recommending to their friends, to their peers at work and sharing their experiences with Toufee to large community of flash users and enthusiasts. One couldn't ask for any better visibility than this. And the best part is that, there are thousands of happy Toufee users who continue to help us promote Toufee, not by any campaigns, but by their creative flash movies did using Toufee. All that we ask you is to enjoy using Toufee, create great flash videos and share them with your friends (you can use the "Share This Movie!" link found at your Toufee movie page to email your flash movie to your friends), create flash banners for your websites, create flash video tutorial for learning or do any flash video that you feel is worth creating with Toufee. Now, did I say you shouldn't promote Toufee?

  • 11 years ago

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