Inserting Toufee flash movies into Apple iWeb

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Apple iWeb is a software that allows Mac users to quickly create professional-looking websites without worrying about programming. The nice feature about Apple iWeb is that it comes with great-looking templates for building websites. Once done, Mac users can instantly publish their websites as .Mac sites. However, the one criticism looming large is that iWeb saves the entire website as a single Domain file. Now, this limits Mac users from adding embedded objects into their websites - for example, a YouTube video or a Toufee flash movie. So how do you insert your favorite Toufee flash movie into your Apple iWeb website? Here is what you need to do

  1. Open your website (the Domain file) with Apple iWeb
  2. Select the File menu, and from the options select Publish to a Folder...Publish To Folder
Selecting Publish to a Folder publishes your website as individual HTML pages instead of the single Domain file that you normally end up with. All the HTML pages of your website will now be saved to the Folder that you selected. Use Locator to browse to the folder. You can then use TextEdit to open the HTML page in which you want the Toufee flash movie to go into. Remember that you simply need to copy the HTML code of your Toufee flash movie (you can get this code from the Publish Your Movie window in Toufee) and paste it into the HTML page of your website. Launch your iWeb website and you'll now get to see your Toufee flash movie in action! Hope this helps...should you have any comments please do let me know  Ganesh

  • 11 years ago

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