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I had the chance to have a look at this movie created by Caprice Hokstad, an ardent Toufee user. Caprice is a fantasy novelist and has only recently started using Toufee to create this professional presentation for her upcoming book. Caprice, like many thousands of other Toufee users, had found it pretty easy to create professional-looking Flash presentations for their business and professional needs. Toufee is simple and fun to use, however, you can still achieve excellent results if you can give a thought and a little planning to your presentation - as Caprice had managed to do! Before you start using Toufee, please spend some time at the Interactive Tutorials and the Video Tutorials at the Welcome Page - this is the first screen that you will find once you login to Toufee. These tutorials help you get a feel of Toufee and its features. Being highly interactive, the tutorials can get you started in creating Flash movies in no time! You can also have a look at Toufee Gallery, where you'll find scores of great looking movies done by Toufee users. Looking at the Gallery helps you get a feel of what you can do with Toufee, as well as giving you an idea of various ways in which you can use an effect. Toufee interface is clean and highly user-friendly with easy drag-and-drop facilities and clickable options, which makes you feel at home when creating your presentations. And thats not all; you have a dedicated support team to help with your queries should you ever face any issue working with Toufee. Creating Flash movies is now made easy - login to Toufee, and you'll know for sure! Cheers Ganesh Toufee Support

  • 12 years ago

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