Never break the back button!

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Flash is so powerful that people sometimes go overboard - an overdose of Flash can do more harm than good. Yet, some get bit by the Flash bug and couldn't resist to build their site entirely in Flash, forgetting the golden rule - "Never break the browser's back button!" All internet browsers have a Back button, a basic navigation control that lets you navigate to the previous page. It might sound simple but at times can turn extremely handy. Assume that you're filling a lengthly form only to find that you get a "Page cannot be displayed" message on clicking the Submit button. What do you do? Refill in the entire form? Nope, there's your BACK button - click on it and the entire data that you filled in the form reloads from the browser's cache. The Back button can be often overlooked for its limited use but at times might turn out to be your biggest savior. However, since the advent of Flash and the increasing number of Flash-based sites, website owners are tempted to redo their entire site in Flash robbing users of their site the freedom to use the Back button. It's fine to have sites based on Flash if the purpose is simply to present information but if there are forms on the site and if it accepts loads of data then its time to have a rethink. You might wonder why we have taken this article at Toufee? Well, its always a good thing to know what extremes can mean - overdoing anything pays off negatively. Create flash movies with care and try not to overdo. Thats why we developed Toufee, its gives you the power to create stunning flash presentations but still makes sure your flash videos does what it was meant for!

  • 12 years ago

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