New Transition Effects added to Flash Banner Creator flash app

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Hello everyone, Firstly, a happy Easter to all. There has been query many a times from customers as to the difference between the Flash Banner Creator flash app and the Flash Slideshow Maker flash app. Both these flash apps look identical in the way they work and the options they provide. It is true that is very little functional or visual differences between the two. Our development team is working to make improvements to these Flash Apps to make they largely unique. As a small step forward, we've added new Transition Effects to the Flash Banner Creator Flash App. The new effects are namely - TileFlip, CarWipe, Mosaic and Random. These effects are unique on their own and should lend better impact to your Flash Banner flash apps, specifically Mosaic and TileFlip that should be very suited to banner transitions. Also, the Flash Banner Creator has a a filmstrip-type Navigation Bar option (called by the same name) which is not available in the Slideshow Maker (actually this should have been reverse - it makes better sense to have the FilmStrip in the Slideshow Maker). I hope the information helps. We are looking at add more features to both these Flash Apps and I'll keep the blog updated with the developments.

  • 6 years ago

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