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Toufee has transformed flash movie making by taking the concept “online” and becoming a great success story. Users of Toufee have found the online flash movie maker more convenient, feature-rich, and the easiest flash movie making application to get started with creating flash movies.  Not to forget the attractive subscription model which many users feel more suited for their needs than an outright purchase of a “boxed” flash software program. Toufee Affiliate Program Right from the day we started our trial run, we keep hearing from customers how much they like the program and we had many new users who were referred by our existing Toufee customers. Toufee has a separate affiliate program as well for experienced affiliates and for existing customers who want to promote Toufee. If you had ever been an affiliate, you are certain to find that Toufee’s Affiliate program is the most attractive in terms of earning potential and of affiliate commissions. To give you a quick headstart, please go through the following link to know about the Toufee Affiliate program Affiliate Back Office: Being the most popular online flash movie maker, Toufee literally sells itself with very little effort and that is something any affiliate would love to promote. As the Toufee movie maker did go through many major and minor updates, so did the Affiliate program. A marked feature of the new Affiliate program is the fully revamped Affiliate Back Office, a full-fledged affliate tool for tracking everything related to your affliate programs, right from signups, commissions, payments - all this coupled with a powerful statistics and reporting tool. Some of the new features of the Affiliate Back Ooffice are
  1. No membership requirement and it’s free.
  2. A full-fledged affiliate center with over 20+ affiliate tools.
  3. Detailed tracking and logging. With Toufee’s back office, you get amazingly detailed stats for every hit you send to Toufee (not available in 99% affiliate tracking scripts).
  4. Separate screen for earnings, signup and history where you can zoom into each and every record for each and every detail.
  5. Fast and easy payment via Paypal on the first of every month.
  6. And lots more, as explained in the affiliate center
Becoming a Toufee Afffiliate Its pretty easy, simply complete the signup at the following page Logging onto the new Affiliate Back Office If you are an existing affiliate or if you have newly signed up, your new Toufee Affiliate Back Office can be accessed from the following link If you are existing Toufee customer, and would like to update your Affiliate information or would like to newly signup for the Affiliate program, simply click on the Affiliates link on the Members Home page (the firsty page you see after you login to Toufee) to create and/or upate your Affiliate information Affiliate Questions? If you have any questions related to the Toufee Affiliate program, make sure to check the following link If you do not find an answer there, you can raise a Support Ticket by going to or by fillin up the Contact Form found at

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