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Is it wise to spend your time on online flash movie makers when you can do the same flash videos on the heavyweight applications sitting on your Desktop? The answer - yes and no. If we say we made Toufee to capture the market for Flash software then we would be making a fool of ourselves. So how does an online flash movie maker help? Does it really help? Yes. It does. From an investment perspective (we do not only mean money), web based free movie makers can rapidly speed up your decision making - you're no longer left comparing software from different vendors, comparing features, the trial conditions and price. With a free flash movie maker, you start creating your flash presentations right away - its business right from the word go. It doesn't mean you should shun your existing flash software or cancel your future investments in flash software. So whats the investment perspective that we're talking about? What's the catch about creating your flash movies using online free flash movie makers? It's about a)gains and b)gains in a big way. If you can achieve an end product from an online flash movie maker like Toufee similar to what a desktop software could do then that is what we call "gaining in a big way" How? Since you cut down on time, effort and money; you stand to gain time, effort and money. This is sometimes what we call the double-effect - you inputs are beneficial (there's less effort) and you get more output. You can call this your return on investment or whatever you like. The best way to get maximum ROI from online flash movie makers depends on how well you perfect your decisions. If you need to deliver a quick flash movie project, an online movie maker can provide better ROI. That doesn't mean doing bigger flash animations in Toufee return less from an investment standpoint - you still can; if your realistic estimates suggest better returns. Ok, what's the point about talking? Have people really benefited using web-based flash movie makers? Have they managed to achieve real ROI? Yes, they have and we keep getting mails about that - its what Toufee is all about. If you feel Toufee has really helped your flash presentations or helped achieved the ROI that we've been talking about, please leave a comment, its your messages that keep us going. Btw, it would be great if you could share how you managed to achieve better ROI using Toufee. Till next time Ganesh Toufee Support

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Thank you for this Update I have not had much time to work on this ...However it seems like a great tool James & Terry

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Hmmm.. Thats an interesting perspective.. Do u plan to have something similar to online ppt in ur next version? I am sure as connection speed gets better all future apps will move online and so will toufee's use. The best part is that whatever u create on toufee can be accessed from anywhere online.. So thats another benefit over desktop.

  • 12 years ago

(Toufee Admin)

Kim, That seems to be a very good idea. Toufee can be tailored to be an online ppt since it has most of the capabilities already built-in. You're right when you say that most applications will move online, thats what is called Web 2.0 - where the web becomes more interactive and highly productive. We are already starting to see a huge number of Web 2.0 applications and Toufee is one of those. With increasing bandwiths, as you rightly pointed out, we might go less on desktop and more on *webtop*!

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