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Hey all...I know you people are busy with creating your flash movies, and I must say you guys rock! Look at the Toufee movie gallery, my goodness, you people are doing awesome work with your flash videos that leaves us with more responsibility to create new cutting-edge flash animation effects (You'll soon find a whole bunch of new flash effects in the upcoming Toufee 2.0 version).

Looking at the amazing flash videos that you people are doing, I just wanted to help you guys with a tip that you might find handy when creating your Toufee flash presentations. The first tip that we are going to see today deals with posting Toufee flash movies onto your personal websites. I am sure most of you would have already posted the flash videos to your site and the Toufee flash movie open inside within your webpage...fine, not a problem, but what if you wanted the same Toufee movie to open in a custom popup window when someone clicks a link on your page? Here is how you do it - follow the steps below

Step 1: Open up your webpage and with it the HTML code (If you are having a blog or using an online Page Builder for your website, editing your webpage is easy, you login with your account details and you are provided with the option to edit the webpage and its HTML code).

Step 2: Paste the following code between the <HEAD> section of your HTML script. <script> function fullMovie(mid) { var l = Math.round( ( screen.width-550 ) / 2 ); var t = Math.round( ( screen.height-270 ) / 2 ); wx =''+mid, 'movie', 'width=550,height=270,resizable,left='+l+',top='+t); setTimeout("checkPopup()", 1000); } </script> Make sure you paste the above code in the <HEAD> section. This is the JavaScript code that creates a new popup window and loads your Toufee movie into that Step 3: OK, we have the code to create a custom window. How do you invoke the JavaScript? I can hear you shout...once you've done pasting the JavaScript, copy the code below and paste it in the <BODY> section of your HTML page <a href="javascript:void(1)" onclick="fullMovie('$MID')">Click to Open my Toufee Movie</a> People, watch need to change $MID in the above code with your Toufee Flash Movie ID. Toufee generates a unique numerical ID for each of your Toufee flash movie. This is how Toufee identifies your movie from millions of flash movies in the Toufee directory. You can find your Toufee Movie ID by clicking on Publish button in the Toufee Movie Editor. In the window that opens up, click "Finish Publishing" button. This opens up another screen where it says "Your Permanent URL:". The number in this URL is your movie ID (the number that you see here is the ID of my Toufee movie, you will get a different number as your ID). Copy this and replace it in place of $MID. Remember to remove the $ sign. Step 4: If you're done with the above, save your HTML page and reopen. You now get a link called "Click to open my Toufee Movie" (You can change the link text to any text you wish...change the link text in the code in Step 3) which on clicking opens your Toufee Movie in a customized popup window. Hope you find this useful. If you face any difficult in getting this to work, email me at and I will make sure you get it to work. Thanks Ganesh Toufee Support

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