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Toufee has powerful options that extends the already available effects and settings that you find with the standard Toufee interface. This feature gives you more control over your flash movie. Toufee's optimizer option is available when you click on "Optimize" button at the top right corner of the Toufee interface. Follow these steps to bring up the optimization options.

  1. Click on the"Optimize" button in the top right of your Toufee interface

    Optimize button

  2. The "Optimize Your Movie" window opens

    Optimize Window

  3. The "Optimize Your Movie" window has 5 tabs namely Background, Sound, Frame Effects, Tags and Advanced. You'll find a number of useful options under these tabs
Editing the Width and Height of your Toufee Movie Optimize Movie Window - Advanced TabThe default size of a Toufee movie is 550x270 pixels. However, this setting might not be suitable if you are doing Flash advertisment banners or Flash presentations that require custom Height and Width settings. Toufee allows you to change the default Height and Width settings using the "Optimize Your Movie" window (the steps to open this window are mentioned above). Once in "Optimize Your Movie" window, select Advanced tab. Here you'll have the option to change the Height and Width settings. Note: Plan your flash movie in advance - Change the Height and Width settings FIRST before you starting working on the movie. Add Tags to your Flash Movie Optimize Movie Window - Tags TabTags are keywords that helps in easily locating objects when people search for it. Whenever you create a movie and share it. All flash movies that you create in Toufee gets added to the Toufee movie directory (Its a common repository where all movies created by Toufee users can be accessed). Adding tags or keywords to your Toufee movie can easily make your movie getting identified when users search with keywords that match with those of your tags that you added to your movie. You can add tags to your Toufee movie using the "Optimize Your Movie" window (The procedure to open the window is mentioned above). Once the window is open, select Tags tab. Here you will find three textboxes namely Movie Name, Title and Tags. Give an appropriate movie name and title. In the tags enter as many keywords as possible (seperated by comma) that best describes your movie. Click Update button once done. Toufee's "Optimize Your Movie" window boasts of powerful features that you can tweak to enhance your flash movie. You can explore the various options and see for yourself what difference it makes to your flash presentations. I will also post additional articles on some of the other features that you can achieve using the Optimize Window. Stay tuned. Ganesh Toufee Support

  • 12 years ago

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