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3 Projects/month
60 Second videos
1 Video distribution profile
SD Videos


$79.99 / year

Or $6.67 / mo - 33% savings!

$9.99 / mo

Or save 33% with yearly billing

25 Projects/month
Upto 30 Minute videos
Unlimited Video distribution profiles
HD videos
Self Branding & watermark
Custom Videos
Priority Support


$149.99 / year

Or $12.50 / mo - 38% savings!

$19.99 / mo

Or save 38% with yearly billing

Unlimited Videos
Upto 60 Minute videos
Unlimited Video distribution profiles
HD videos
Self Branding & watermark
Custom Videos
Advanced WYSIWYG Editor
Priority Support


Frequenty Asked Questions

Why are certain features missing from my Free account?

A free Toufee account is only meant for casual users and to give you an idea of what you can achieve using Toufee. If you are seriously planning on using toufee for your videos, we highly recommend you to upgrade to a power or business account. These pro account will unlock many features for you and help you make great videos in minutes. As these features cost a lot of backend power and a dedicated team to keep it running, it is not possible to provide these services for free.

What are the advantages of Paying Yearly?

When you are paying yearly for Toufee, you can save upto 38% over our monthly pricing. In effect you’ll need to pay for less than 8 months to get access to Toufee for a full year. An additional advantage is that you’ll be safe from any pricing changes as our yearly pricing will remain same for our member’s even if we change our prices.

How secure are Payments made to Toufee?

Payments made to Toufee are 100% secure. We use site wide SSL encryption to ensure your data is always secured. Also, we never store your billing data at our end. Also, we have 10+ years of experience to ensure your data safety.

How can I manage my Subscriptions?

As all your subscription with Toufee are created directly with payments processor (i.e, Paypal or CCNow) you can manage your subscription directly by contacting these payment processors without any need for Toufee’s involvement. Also, you can always contact our dedicated support team for help.

I do not have a Paypal Account, can I pay through Credit Card?

Yes. Toufee support credit card payments through CCNow. You can use your Mastercard, visa and American Express cards to create your subscriptions. To Pay with a credit card please select “Use alternate payment method (Credit Card)” option at the bottom of pricing page.

Does Toufee Support Paypal?

Yes. Paypal is Toufee’s default payment processor. You just need to click the “Buy Now” button on the pricing page to pay through paypal.

If I upgrade from Power to Business Account in the middle of the month/year, how will I be compensated for the remaining days in my Power Account?

If you decide to upgrade from a Power to Business Account, in the middle of your Payment cycle, you’ll automatically be refunded for the remaining days within 4 business days. If you have not stopped your power account subscription, it will also be automatically handled by our support team.

Do you offer refunds?

Toufee offers 14-day refund window for all new yearly Subscriptions and 7-day refund window for all new monthly Subscriptions. For subsequent renewal payments, refunds are offered on per case basis. You can read more about it in our refund policy

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