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If you had read my previous article on downloading Toufee flash movies as SWF, I would have mentioned that it was one of the top requested features of Toufee Pro (i.e Toufee 2.0 version). So, what was the most requested feature (and it still is)? You guessed it right, its uploading Toufee flash movies to YouTube :) Download Toufee Pro (Convertor) Before you can upload your Toufee flash movies to YouTube, you have to convert them to "compatible" video formats (AVI, MOV, MPG) that YouTube supports. We'll this takes a lot of time and a lot of steps and patience to get this done all yourself. So we developed a standalone tool called Toufee Pro (Convertor) that fetches the movies from your Toufee Pro account, converts it into a video file that you can then upload to YouTube. How to get the Toufee Pro (Convertor)? export_to_youtube.JPGIts just a click away - simply select the Export to YouTube option from the Publish menu and you are ready to go. Once you select the option, you'll be presented a dialog window (shown below) from where you can directly download the Toufee Pro Convertor. The installation package is around 3.5mb and should download in no time. Installation is a pretty simple process and should you be up and running in no time.


Converting movies using Toufee Pro (Convertor) Once downloaded and installed, you have to login to Toufee Pro Convertor using your Toufee account login ID and password. On successful login, all your movies created using Toufee Pro will be listed. Select a movie and the conversion process will immediately begin (as show in the screenshot below). step3.JPG You might also see the Downloading Media Files message (as in the below screenshot) showing up after the conversion process is complete. step5.JPG Once the conversion process if fully complete (i.e. including the Downloading Media Files process), yo'll be prompted to save your Toufee flash movie file. The flash movie now gets saved as a .AVI file on your PC, but that is not all, there are still a few steps left to upload your movie to YouTube. Once your movie is saved to your hard drive, you'll now be presented the YouTube upload screen step6.JPG Here is where you enter a suitable description for your flash movie. You also enter Tags or keywords that allow your movie to be searched by other YouTube users. Make sure your description is comprehensive enough and your keywords closely relate to the content of your flash movie. You also select the Category of your movie in the above section. After completing all the details, click on Upload to YouTube button and you'll immediately notice a popup message. Click OK. step7.JPG A browser window then opens bringing up the following YouTube page step8.JPG Click Allow Access button. In the following screen, you'll be asked to login to your YouTube account. Enter your login details and once you login to your YouTube account, Toufee Pro convertor starts uploading the converted movie to your account. You'll be able to view the progress as shown below. step10.JPG That's it. Once the upload is complete, you'll find the new flash movie in your YouTube account. Please note that this involves quite a few steps and you'll notice that it will take a while to convert depending on the size of your flash movies. The speed also depends on your internet bandwidth as Toufee Pro Convertor downloads your movie, converts it into a video file, uploads the file back to YouTube, all of these involve lot of data to be transfered to and fro Toufee and YouTube servers. So its imperative that you are on a good internet connection to avoid delay or timeout issues. I know it was a long wait for thousands of users who wanted to upload their Toufee flash movies to YouTube, but not any more now! Ganesh

  • 11 years ago

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