Flash Flipbook: Setting the right size for your Toufee flash movie

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The Flipbook is a very popular flash application widely used by customers and many flash web designers who use Toufee. We've seen many queries regarding the Flipbook and the intent of this blog article is to cover in detail the basic settings of the flash Flipbook. Getting the Flipbook Size Right The first setting that you must decide well before creating the Flipbook is its size. The Flipbook Size is the size when the Flipbook is in the open position, i.e with pages on both sides. You will notice that there is no separate setting to set the size a Flipbook page. The width of a page is 1/2 of the overall width of a Flipbook. The height of a Flipbook page is the same as the height of the overall Flipbook flash movie size. So if your Flipbook Size is 640 (width) and 365 (height), then the size of your page would be exactly 320x365. What should be the size of the images used for the individual pages? The recommendation is to use your images as your point of reference when setting the Flipbook size. If a majority of the images are say, 200x500, then we recommend setting your overall Flipbook Size to 400x500. It is easier to set the flash movie to the size of your images than resizing your images to suit your flash movie. This recommendation applies to all the Toufee Flash Apps - your images should always be your point of reference when deciding the overall flash movie size. What if the images are not the same size? f you couldn't manage the same size images, then try images that are proportionate in size. For example, if your images are 200x500, then the width to height ratio is 1:2.5. If one of your images is 300x750 then it should work as Toufee tries to automatically adjust the image to the Flipbook page size (which is 200x500). Using an image that is out of proportion from the rest will still render the Flipbook but only that it would look odd.

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