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The idea of a discussion platform, something like a flash movie forum for Toufee is something that I have touched upon in quite a few of my old posts. But I seriously think I should address this in more detail and so I write this post. I was reading this article on a local daily on how Dell started a seperate blog where consumers can suggest what Dell should do; as a result Dell has started selling Linux and that turned out to be quite profitable! You might wonder what connection does it have with Toufee? Well, what we see from the Dell story is that the underlying principle is let the consumers tell us what they want instead. Though we've developed Toufee, there are certainly thousands of Toufee users who have used the flash movie maker in ways we couldn't have imagined and in ways so creative that it made us wonder what one could achieve from this online flash movie maker. That leaves me to think of ways in streamlining the experience of users working with Toufee. A forum is a great way to start, but the team at Toufee is a bit busy with the launch of the new version. So what better option? WIKI! If you know what a Wiki is, you would know what I am going to mean. A wiki site allows anyone to easily create, edit and update a site's content. The information on a wiki site is always current and everyone can track what others did. Btw, Toufee already has a fully-functional WIKI site which you can access at the following link That's all that you need to get started to share your views, flash movie making tips, flash movie experiences, general tips on Toufee or whatever there is related to Flash! Come on people, let's share what we know and make flash movie making with Toufee better! Ganesh Toufee Support

  • 11 years ago


Uh, when I upload animated gifs in the videos, the gif still does not animate. I did like the new post said.

  • 11 years ago

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