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This is an archived Blog Article referencing an earlier version of Toufee. These articles are maintained for the sake of posterierity. Information presented on these pages mat not apply to this new version of Toufee.

I am sure most of you would have noticed that we've updated Toufee website. The Members page, i.e. the first page that you see after login, has also undergone a major overhaul in design and strategy. The new Members Home UI is more focused meaning it will let you quickly get on with functions that are used frequently. This tutorial quickly introduces you to the new UI of Members Homepage.

Members Home: The new UI The new Members Homepage is now divided into major section - Create a New Project and Open a Recent Project thenewui.jpg  Create a New Project: This is where you go to get started with a new movie. To create a new movie project, click on the Blank Project (the large moviemaker picture) to open the Toufee MovieMaker window. Open a Recent Project: This section lists all your Toufee Pro movies (Please note that this section will only list your Toufee Pro movies and not your Toufee Classic movies (if you had previously used Toufee Classic). All paid subscribers with an active Business Account will continue to have access to all their Toufee Classic movies via the Toufee Classic link at the top of the homepage). This section lists all your movies horizontally (like the Pictures folder in your Windows), so if you want to quickly search for a particular movie, enter the name (partial text will do) of the movie in the Search Projects textbox and click Go. Toufee will now list those movies that match the search criteria. When after a search, you wish to display all your movies, click on the Show All Projects link and Toufee will revert back to displaying all your existing Toufee Pro movies. The Left Panel You'll now notice that the left part of your new UI has the Blog and the Getting Started sections to assist you in your movie making. After a lot of thought and design changes, we identified the Blog and the Getting Started to be of vital importance to assist users in their movie making and provides quick updates of new features/announcements and tutorials. These are also the two sections that are frequently updated by us and hence it made sense to put these directly on the Members Home rssfeed.JPG

Blog: This section lists the most recent articles from Toufee's Blog, the official source of information for all new updates related to Toufee Movie Maker. Toufee Blog provides the latest updates on Toufee MovieMaker, information on new features, preview of new enhancements, how-to articles on new features and general announcements.

The Blog also provides tips on effective movie-making and guest columns by Toufee users and experienced flash authors. To read an article, click on the article link and you'll be redirected to that article on Toufee Blog. If you have a RSS reader installed on your PC, then you can subscribe to Toufee Blog by clicking on the RSS Updates link to stay up-to-date with all the new posts that happens on Toufee Blog.

Getting Started: This is where you access all the Video Tutorials and the Step-by-Step Tutorials. We've made it such a way that all new tutorials are listed here, so you can be rest assured you don't miss those easy-to-understand video tutorials. Clicking any tutorial will take you straight to the Tutorials page. Searching the KnowledgBase:Toufee's KnowledgeBase is your gateway to all your answers related to anything on Toufee. Toufee's KnowledgeBase contains FAQs on all topics related to Toufee. You can quickly search the knowledgeBase by typing in a keyword in the KnowledgeBase search textbox and clicking on Go Additional Links As you see in the previous screenshot, we've also added few quick links on the top right of the screen to make navigation easier. The Get Started redirects you to the Tutorials page and the Help link takes you to the Support Desk Homepage from where you can access all documentation, FAQs and Toufee tutorials and also view/post support tickets to the Toufee Support Desk. The Logout link logs out of the Members Home.

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