Toufee 2.0 - a full-Flex, rich internet application

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This is my third post on Toufee 2.0, so before you start reading this article, I would recommend that you read my first post on Toufee 2.0 features and also the second. There is something about Toufee 2.0 that I would like to share. As you maybe aware, Toufee 1.0 is hardly months old and we are already ready with the next big release. Too quick an upgrade? When we just finished work with Toufee 1.0, Adobe came up with the big news of Flex SDK which completely changed how Flash movies and Flash as a technology would be evolve in the years to follow. Immediately, the Toufee team set into action. While Adobe is working on Flex, we keep in synchronization so that Toufee works on the latest technology (mind you Flex is still in beta, but with Toufee you have a working Flex product ready for release). When released (very soon), Toufee will be among the first few products that is a full-fledged Flex application. So next time, when the folks at Adobe are ready with their next technology, we'll be ready with a finished product and you can experience it live at Ok now to a million-dollar question, what is the release date of Toufee 2.0? Watch out this space, I'll let you know very soon Ganesh Toufee Support

  • 11 years ago

Stephen Browne

I can't wait to make my flash movie I hope its great.

  • 11 years ago

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