Toufee 2.0 - quick preview of the new flash movie maker

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This is an archived Blog Article referencing an earlier version of Toufee. These articles are maintained for the sake of posterierity. Information presented on these pages mat not apply to this new version of Toufee.

Toufee 2.0, the all new improved version of the popular online flash movie maker, is in the making for quite some time and we thought we give users a feel of what to expect with the new Toufee 2.0 version. Unlike regular software upgrades where new versions means additional features or new enhancements, Toufee 2.0 differs in a way that the new version is more than an upgrade...its a completely recoded and fresh Toufee that uses the latest Flex technology. So what's the big fuzz about the new Toufee? A run down of the features of the new flash movie maker is found below New, New and New... Yes, its new...the code, the core Toufee engine, the User Interface and the features. Since everything is new about Toufee 2.0, you are assured of a fast, efficient and more better Toufee application that makes creating flash movies quicker and easier! Save flash movies to your PC The new Toufee 2.0 version will allow you to download your flash movies to your PC. This is something that so many users have been emailing us about and finally here you have it. The new Toufee 2.0 version allows downloading of your flash movies in SWF format so that you can host in your own webserver Bulk Image Uploader Tool Gone are the hassles with uploading images one after the other. We understand how frustrating that could be when you are creating a flash movie that has loads of pictures. So we thought of introducing a new tool that will allow you to upload images in one shot! The new tool will considerably save your time and effort! Remove Toufee logo from movies You can now remove the Toufee logo from all your flash movies. Flash developers, web developers and freelance designers can now use Toufee to create commercial flash presentation or use it to create flash videos for their client websites. That is not all with new Toufee 2.0 as it boasts of a hell of a features that I can just keep writing about. Stay tuned as I will be writing more posts on the new features of Toufee 2.0. So keep checking this space! Till next time Ganesh

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Ganesh, Your enthusiasm for Toufee is so infectious! The new 2.0 is fantastic and I really love all the new features. Thanks, too, for the ability to convert my movies to flash with Toufee. I sing the praises of Toufee and included it in "Cool Tools Duels" for various seminars and conferences I've attended. Thanks for all you do to keep Toufee "the" tool to use!

  • 11 years ago

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