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As I have been repeatedly mentioning in the past few blogs, Toufee has been finding great support from teachers and instructors, I couldn't stop but continue to post some of the suggestions from teachers in this regard. Emmett King who teaches for School District 99 in Cicero, has been contributing excellent suggestions. As you might be aware from my previous blogs, Emmett has been the first few teachers to realise Toufee's application in education. "I want to recommend that Toufee create an Educators Section on the website. The Section will contain a library of movies to play and to review. The movies will have documentation (word or PDF files) as to how the movie was made (step by step) or how 1 or 2 slides were made (step by step). The Section will highlight weekly great movies and instructions. There will be video tutorials that show how a movie was made step by step Teachers will contribute lesson plans as to how to make a particular movie. To implement this plan................. I am recommending Toufee create a National Teachers Advisory Board. The Board will make recommendations to the Toufee staff as to how to improve and implement and integrate the product successsfully into a school curriculum. It would be an honor to serve on the Board" Shelley Owen, Educational Technology Instructor with Rosemont Middle School, Glendale Unified School District is another very popular teacher with Toufee who uses the tool to teach a number of her students. Shelley is also actively involved with introducing Toufee to many teachers. She has this to say "Many school districts block web sites that allow social networking and sometimes Toufee comes up as a social networking site because you allow unrestricted comments and conversation among users. If you put together an educational version, you might consider making the log-in such that teachers would have to register their classes and give out passwords for a number of students so they don't have to have their own email accounts (some parents do not allow their kids their own email). Then perhaps we teachers could access/view all our class movies from one site; students would only see the flash movies from their classmates when logged on at school" Both Emmett and Shelley's suggestions have valuable points. Emmett suggestion of having a seperate section for teachers to share their experiences with Toufee would serve as a great platform where teachers can really come up with lots of ideas and make teaching more interactive and activity-based which would do wonders to their teaching efforts and make learning an enjoyable affair. Shelley's suggestion is a great idea which would allow teachers to manage and track student activities in Toufee, and also provides a sense of virtual control over what they do with the tool. We welcome more teachers who would like to be part of this effort to make Toufee a useful tool for educators and students. We would like to have as many teachers as possbile associated with Toufee and share their knowledge - this would create a great knowledge pool from which all teachers could learn and benefit. If you have something to say on this post, email me at or simply leave a comment to this post. Till next time Ganesh Toufee Support

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Ganesh, As a teacher specialist in technology I understand the value of both Shelley's and Emmett's suggestions. Toufee has multiple uses in the education environment but the need for protection of our students is paramount for us. I presented Toufee to our district tech leaders last Spring and I am interested in the development of your educational program.

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