Toufee Flash Apps: How to use the enlarge image option

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Hello everyone, its been a while since the last blog and it couldn't be a good time to write a new post. I keep getting queries to our Support Desk about the use of the enlarge image option found in the Flash Apps ( 3D Carousel, CoverFlow etc). It seems that there is confusion as there is no clear documentation as to how to use this feature. I thought its right time to clarify this through this blog entry. The enlarge option is used to show images in a popup window (like a preview) when the smaller version of the image. The enlarge image option can be accessed by selecting an image in any of the Flash Apps initial upload screen Enlarge Image option The the confusion arises with this question - how do I provide the smaller and the enlarged version of every image? There seems to be no option in the Flash Apps to be able to achieve this. This is the true and the other fact is that Toufee actually doesn't show any enlarged version. The idea around the enlarge image is this - when one uses Flash Apps like 3D Carousel, Flash CoverFlow Maker, you'll notice the initial images that are displayed are smaller or reduced by 1/4th in proportion to the original image size. This is the default setting to allow the 3D Carousel or the Flash CoverFlow to operate. When one clicks on the image, the original image is shown. This is what we refer as the enlarged image (note that we don't enlarge the image). As opposed to the meaning of enlarged, what exactly happens is the contrary - Toufee actually shows reduced sized images in the initial screen of the Carousel or a CoverFlow flash movie. The enlarge option actually initiates Toufee to show the actual size of the image. The above CoverFlow flash movie show thumbnails or icons of the images. When one clicks an image, the original size of the image is shown. All the images used in the above flash movie are 640x480 pixels. The size of the thumbnails are 160x120. The important factor to consider is to set your Carousel flash movie size to 640x480. The idea is to set the canvas size of the flash movie to the same size (or higher) to those of your images. This allows the flash movie to show the entire image when the enlarged option is clicked. The problem many customers seem to have is that they used very high resolution images but set the flash movie area to half its size. This caused the image to get cut-off when the enlarge image is shown.

  • 7 years ago

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