Toufee flash movies as Orkut scraps!

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Orkut scrap postNow, this is a real biggie! Have you ever wondered that you could use your Toufee flash movies as scrap entries in Orkut? Orkut now allows HTML tags in scraps which means you can paste your Toufee flash movie HTML code directly into your friend's scrapbook! Toufee flash movie would instantly start playing in the scrapbook...Imagine its your friend's birthday and you create a special flash movie and post it directly to his scrapbook - isn't that super cool? You would definitely give your friend a pleasant surprise! You can do pretty interesting stuff with Toufee flash movies in your Orkut now that it supports HTML could put your band's flash video movie into your friend's scrap...thats one way of releasing your latest song :). There is so much now that you can do with Toufee flash movies and favorite networking site Orkut. Let's see what Toufee flavor you people can cook at Orkut! Ganesh

  • 12 years ago


how to include our own flash movies in our orkut account

  • 11 years ago

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