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Make toufee your own!

Toufee is being used by a lot of internet users from various backgrounds to create different flash movies. As our aim has always been to keep Toufee an open platform for flash movie making and we feel that everyone should be able to use our software for their own specific needs.Below are some examples of how users from different backgrounds have been able to use Toufee for their own specific needs.
Toufee in personal pages / social networking sites
The movie can be a cool presentation about your profile, any product promotion (many MySpace users, who run home businesses use Toufee to design Flash animations about their service or product) or simply anything that you wish to express in a catchy way…Adding flash movies to your MySpace profile quickly catches the attention of other users who visit your profile…   ( read more )
Toufee in Storytelling and Book Promotions
Toufee flash movie maker is not only good for creating flash movies but can make a great tool for digital storytelling… Authors and book publishers use Toufee to create flash movies like the one above to provide sneak preview about their upcoming titles… ( read more )
Just have a look at the flash movie created!
Toufee for inspiration movies
There is one application that seamlessly fits for Toufee - its those inspirational flash movies. You would have seen thousands of such movies floating around the internet and our site. But when we say Toufee is ideal for creating inspirational flash movies, we do not mean you should do them for the sake of doing it. Your flash presentation can act as a goodwill campaign to spread a social cause- your Toufee movie can be on Tsunami victims, child malnutrition in Africa, war and its effects on civilians like some of our awesome users have done below... (read more)
Toufee in education for teaching flash to high school kids
A number of teachers have been using Toufee flash movie maker tool to create interactive learning material for their students. We’ve been hearing from lots of teachers who say that students are more responsive and active when taught through interactive movies using Toufee. We couldn’t be more happier! Toufee was recently featured on the Discovery Educator Network as a great learning tool for flash... (read more)
Toufee in flash banners
Flash banners are soon replacing traditional image-based advertising to become the defacto standard in online advertising. Flash banners are flexible, offer greater effect, supports interactive content, etc. Given so many advantages one might still wonder why you still find image-based ads? The reason is that creating flash banners requires a decent knowledge of working with flash. With Toufee, you can create flash banners just as easily as you would do normal flash movies. Follow these simple steps to create your flash banner... (read more)
Toufee in internet marketing
Not only does Toufee offer a one-stop solution for internet marketers to create flash movies, it also proves a far better alternative to connect with target audiences in an effective way. Try using Toufee flash movies in your marketing campaigns and you will be amazed with the results... (read more).
Toufee in e-Cards / Mini-sites / Videos
Some users would have already figured this out. For those who haven’t, here’s the truth - Toufee can be a great tool to make your own animated greeting. Or if you have band, wont it be cool if you can add a bit of glamour to your videos? You can add an intro section, subtitle your song with Toufee... (read more)
Toufee in Myspace bands
With Toufee flash movies, your band’s MySpace profile page is never the same. You can use Toufee flash movie maker to create flash videos that run promotional campaigns on your latest song, run an interactive flash movie quiz about your band, create teaser flash movie presentations about your upcoming projects, add flash intro effects to your song video and more! Toufee flash movie maker could add that extra advantage that you need to get your band professionally portrayed...  (read more)

  • 11 years ago


This is exactly the kind of program I am looking for to create fast easy flash for the websites I maintain including my own myspace...there are a lot of bugs though- error pages when trying to view movie, the movie not saving correctly, or disappearing frames after creation and view. Also it would be REALLY nice if the video movie bar did not show up when downloading a free standing flash file if you did not want it. Just the plain old .swf movie. I would gladly pay for this service if these things were fixed!!!!!!!

  • 11 years ago

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