Toufee Pro Tips: Working with Frames

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Frames are the building blocks of a Toufee Pro movie and knowing how to effectively work with frames helps in quickly creating movies and greatly reduce a lot of repetitive work. Toufee Pro Movie Maker has a number of improved features for handling frames that facilitate easy ordering, duplication and managing frame backgrounds/effects. This article will quickly introduce you to creating/duplicating frames and using the Frame Manager how to optimize frames management. Creating Frames wrk1_frames_menu.jpg All Toufee Pro movie have a standard blank frame (with transparent background) to start with. Adding a new frame is quite simple - Select Add New Frame from the Frames menu (Frames -> Add New Frame) or press the Insert key on the keyboard. New frames are always added as the last frame. You can also right-click any frame in the Toufee Movie Maker stage and select the Add New Frame from the popup menu. One aspect that you might notice is that new frames are always added in the end. Let's say you have 20 frames in your movie, and you want to quickly insert a frame after your 2nd frame - how do you do this? Frames Manager, which will be covered in a while, is the answer Duplicating Frames Creating copies or duplicates of a frame can be very handy in cases when you are doing a presentation-style flash movie where you would like to repeat the headers, footers and common items across all the frames. Click on a frame and select Duplicate This Frame from the Frames menu. You can also select the invoke the same by right-clicking on a frame and selecting the option from the popup menu. Frames Manager: Integrated Frames Management The Frames Manager is a new feature of Toufee Pro that simplifies the task of managing frames in your Toufee movie. You can invoke the Frames Manager from the Frames Menu (Frames -> Frames Manager) wrks2_frames_mgr.jpg As you can see in the above screenshot, you can do most of the frame-related operations from within the Frames Manager window - i.e. creating, reordering and removing frames. For example, if you would like to add a new frame after Frame 2, simply Frame 2 and click on Add New button. This will create a new frame immediately after the 2nd frame. Selecting any frame and clicking on the Remove button deletes the selected frame. But the most important function of the Frames Manager is ordering of the frames, a key aspect of frames management. By using the Move Up and Move Down buttons in the Frames Manager window, you can easily arrange the frames in the order that you want them to be. This allows you to quickly juggle frames - you now need have to have to worry about making your movies in the exact order, you can always change frame order if you feel the sequence need to be changed and concentrate on individual frames.

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