Toufee Updates: Image filename issue fixed and improved FLV quality

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This is an archived Blog Article referencing an earlier version of Toufee. These articles are maintained for the sake of posterierity. Information presented on these pages mat not apply to this new version of Toufee.

Toufee now retains the filename of the uploaded images, which earlier used to be a random name for every uploaded image. This we believe should have brought much relief to our customers who may have had some tough time managing the uploaded images. Why didn't we do this earlier? Well, we should have but we're glad that the issue is fixed for now. The reason that images were originally assigned random names was to prevent users from renaming the images on the UI causing the image references to be lost. However, we did find a better way of managing it while retaining the image file names. The second big update is that the FLV videos now come up with much better video quality in the. Earlier, FLVs were passed through a video compression phase to ensure that the resulting FLV video size is small. This didn't seem to go well with customers who though that the video quality was being compromised. We thus had removed the video compression for FLV files generated. All FLV files now exported are generated in HD quailty with no loss in the quality as the video compression has been disabled. Note that this is only for the Business Account. The Power Account still has the video compression feature turned ON.

  • 8 years ago

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