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If you are an internet marketer (selling products over the web) then using flash movies created with Toufee would supercharge your marketing efforts many fold. YouTube is a great place to start your internet marketing efforts and for that you need a movie that talks about your product or service. Well, Toufee helps you to easily create flash movies for YouTube, and with the new Toufee 2.0 version, you can directly post your flash movies to YouTube. With flash movies of your product or services in YouTube you can instantly reach a huge target audience. Without Toufee flash movies, imagine creating movies for YouTube - you need to use a whole bunch of tools from PowerPoint to video editing softwares to finish a single movie. Also, with Toufee's advanced text-to-speech features, you no longer need to spend extra effort to record supporting voices for your movies. Besides YouTube, there are a number of ways in which you can reach target audience - forums, popular blogs etc. But again, you would face the problem of hundreds or thousands of fellow marketers posting messages onto these forums. So how do you stand out? Instead of text messages, you can use the power of flash movies to effectively deliver your message. You can use a combination of Text, videos (using videos you can deliver product demos, walkthroughs, etc.,) and sound to effectively connect with your target audience. Also, Toufee 2.0 version comes with new and better features that can enhance internet marketing with Toufee flash movies. Not only does Toufee offer a one-stop solution for internet marketers to create flash movies, it also proves a far better alternative to connect with target audiences in an effective way. Try using Toufee flash movies in your marketing campaigns and you will be amazed with the results. Till next time Ganesh

  • 11 years ago


I cannot upload my movie to youtube. How do I upload my movie to Thanks.

  • 11 years ago

(Toufee Admin)

Hi Randy While we totally agree that Toufee 2.0 launch is a bit stretched but we are well and truly working on the release. As for the issues with Toufee 1.0, we've been fixing v1.0 all along and as we've been saying Toufee 2.0 has been completely rewritten from scratch to make sure that v2.0 is free from v1.0 bugs. We do recognize your efforts in promoting Toufee and we appreciate your time and effort that you have spent. We are sure that Toufee 2.0, though delayed, will live up to the expectations. Thanks Ganesh

  • 11 years ago


Hi Why do you continue to promote toufee in your blog? You promised toufee 2 to be out months ago and still nothing? Toufee 1.0 has features that still do not work for months now. Sure, you create toufee for free but what use is it if it doesn't funtion properly. So far I haven't been given a reason to use or promote toufee. Until toufee 2.0 is out and toufee 1.0 is fixed I'm done using or promoting toufee 1.0.

  • 11 years ago

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