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Toufee flash movie maker is not only good for creating flash movies but can make a great tool for digital storytelling...just have a look at the flash movie created above (you need to wait a bit for the movie to load). The above flash movie is a great example of how one could use Toufee flash movie maker tool to create digital stories that otherwise would take pages to write about. A noteable feature of this flash movie is the use of split-screen effect. Without the split-screen effect, it would have been difficult to achieve a storybook effect and it would have ended up as just another flash movie. Since flash movies have the ability to have interactive content like images, animations, sounds and videos, it can greatly condense a story into a matter of few slides and that is exactly what the flash movie above has achieved. This again proves how Toufee seamlessly fits as an educational tool. Authors and book publishers can also use Toufee to create flash movies like the one above to provide sneak preview about their upcoming titles. The possibilities of what one could do with Toufee seams endless. Do let us know if you have used Toufee to create digital stories or if you had used Toufee to create something completely out-of-the-box. Till next post, Ganesh

  • 11 years ago

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