Use your custom logo as preloaders for your Toufee flash movie

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Ever wondered how you can show your own custom image, maybe your company logo or your brand identity when your Toufee flash movie is loading in the background? This feature is now available but only for Business Account users. It is very simple to add your own logo to your Toufee flash movie. Follow the steps below 1.  Login to Toufee 2.  On the Members Home page (the first page you see after login), click on the Settings tab 3. Click on the Logo option 4. Click the Browse button to browse the image file and click on Update >> to add the logo 5. Your new logo will now be available for use with all of your Toufee flash movies in your Business Account. Anytime you want to have the logo show on your movies, simply select Use my custom logo in preloader option in the Publish Movie dialog box (Publish -> Publish Online). Please note that the custom logo is not enabled by default for the simple reason that not all of your flash movies will take long time to load. Hence you have to select the Use my custom logo in preloader option when you are publishing your Toufee flash movie. Showing a custom logo as a preloader not only keeps the customer interested when your Toufee flash movie is loading in the background, but helps customers retain brand identity improving your product or service recall value.

  • 10 years ago

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