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This is an archived Blog Article referencing an earlier version of Toufee. These articles are maintained for the sake of posterierity. Information presented on these pages mat not apply to this new version of Toufee.

Hi there! We've launched Toufee after many months of code rewriting, testing and hundreds of new features and tweaks that has finally shaped into Toufee Pro. But believe us, we've put in so many features into this new Toufee version that it will get a while to just have a look around the options. We thought we would make it simple by presenting the major elements first and so you see the First Time User window that pops up like this one every time you login (ofcourse if you didn't click on Do not show this dialog again :) ) Quick Demo and Video Tutorial It is recommended that you take the 1 Minute Tutorial as its a step-by-step easy to do self-guided tutorial that quickly introduces you to the basic features and the common functions of Toufee. It also helps you get familiar with the new UI - a major upgrade that you'll notice if you had used the previous version. The 1 Minute Tutorial covers all essential components of Toufee and its the first thing that you should try before you go ahead and make any movie. Ok, you've gone through the 1 Minute Tutorial, so ready to get your hands busy with your new movie? Wow, that sounds really good, but won't it be even better if you could see someone actually create a Toufee movie first-hand? You better see the Demo Video where San actually creates a complete Toufee movie using many of the new Toufee Pro features. Help MenuHang on, I guess what you're thinking? Probably, you had closed the First Time User window the very first time? Ho ho, well no issues ;), you can still access them from the Help menu. To launch the 1 Minute Tutorial, simply click on Start Tutorial option under the Help menu (Help -> Start Tutorial) . If you wish to launch the video of San creating a demo Toufee movie, then select Video Tutorials option (Help -> Video Tutorials). I guess you have good material to get started - have fun making movies with the new Toufee Pro. Should you have any queries, you can log all your issues to Toufee Support using the new Support Desk system (Help -> Support Desk). Ganesh

  • 11 years ago

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