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In the last few days, we've been getting hundreds of emails to Support from eager Toufee users enquiring about when the new Toufee 2.0 is gonna be launched. I am sure many of you would have sent repeated emails and recieved the same reply - you might wonder what these guys at Toufee are doing? The truth is, we have added so many features to Toufee 2.0 and every day we keep getting scores of emails with suggestions for new features - the list keeps growing, but someone should draw the line somewhere right? So we've finalised Toufee 2.0 features and almost finished the alpha and beta testing. Why wait then? Why Toufee 2.0 is not out yet? Well, as I said earlier we are 98% complete...its those very last few things that are critical to completion. To be honest, we understand that some users feel a bit dissappointed over this delay, some are really frustrated...but it shows how much users love Toufee and we assure you that the delay will be worth when the new version is out.

  • 12 years ago


Dear San and Ganesh, Toufee.com is so wonderful, easy to use, and so beautifully supported - it is unusual to receive such kind and informative emails from you on a weekly basis. It's no wonder users are anxious for 2.0! While it is great that you receive such encouragement, the fact that you offer this site for free suggests to me that expressing irritation that it is not yet available is not allowed. I can tell you want to make sure it's 100% ready instead of letting the users find the bugs for you. Thank you for your software!

  • 12 years ago

(Toufee Admin)

Hi Katie Thanks so much for the comment. You hit the nail on the head - we want to make sure Toufee 2.0 is 100% fine before we release it to the public. Its great to note that people this and continue to support us.

  • 12 years ago


I was just wondering what date range will this be published? Do you know? Thank you!

  • 12 years ago


I totally agree with Katie. And let me also assure anyone who is impatient that San and Ganesh have had more on their hands than just working on the revisions. I myself just recently received personalized attention by email and my problem (which I figured would not be very high on their priorities) was nevertheless given immediate attention, even though it was an issue which would have been solved with the new version. Seriously, I get better service from Toufee than from businesses where I have to pay. Thank you for Toufee!

  • 12 years ago

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