What is happening with Toufee 2.0?

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So what exactly is happening with Toufee 2.0 and when can you expect to see it in action? Why the hell this delay? Well people, this is what happened. Toufee 2.0 was complete long before - a couple of months back actually. As you know Toufee itself is done using Adobe Flash platform (i.e. Toufee which allows you to create flash movies, is also made using the very same Flash technology). Flash technology allows creating easy animation effects or actions for websites. While this might be fine for simple animation, more demanding and complex effects requires some programming assistance (a single line of programming code is all it takes to move an object from x to y!) so Macromedia introduced something called ActionScript along with Flash. All those cool animations that you see nowadays on websites are the work of ActionScript + Flash effects - that is the reason you get to see really great animations that result in suprisingly small file sizes as half the effects are programmed using ActionScript (thanks to ActionScript, difficult effects could still be achieved with small lines of code)

Toufee, as you know, is a complex tool developed using ActionScript and Flash. Toufee 2.0, which we keep talking about as the next big thing, was completed long back using ActionScript 2.0. That’s when Adobe (the owner of the Flash technology) came with big announcements…Adobe introduced the new Flex technology that the company promises would make is easier to create rich internet applications. The Toufee team was quick to realize what it meant – It meant that Adobe is planning to scrap ActionScript 2.0. We immediately decided that we rewrite (yes, recode the entire Toufee 2.0 application from scratch) Toufee 2.0 using the new Flex technology. It’s a big gamble that we took since we were just days away from the release of Toufee 2.0 back then. Eventually, this lead to the release of Toufee 2.0 extended by a couple of months and as you have been hearing from me (if you had emailed Support you would know what I mean ;)) the entire Toufee team have been working day in and day out rebuilding the entire Toufee 2.0 using Flex. Mind you, Flex is a relatively new technology and creating an already popular product like Toufee using bleeding edge technology not only requires great skill but ample time. Nevertheless, Toufee’s development team was equal to the task and in only a few months they have managed to rebuild the entire Toufee 2.0 application using the new state-of-the-art Flex technology.

Alright, you might wonder why you need to know all this? Why can’t we have simply sticked with ActionScript and had got the godammn v2.0 released as it was planned a few months back? The reasons are many-fold – firstly, many of the new features in Toufee 2.0 wouldn’t have been better if not for Flex. Secondly, as we continue to better Toufee, adding new features becomes relatively easier and faster with Flex. Had we stuck with the old Toufee 2.0 (based on ActionScript 2.0) it would mean that in the future, adding new features would have been extremely difficult and that could look really awful :(

That’s it…technology evolves so fast that products like Toufee need to keep pace and we are doing just exactly that. Though it did put off the release by a few months, but soon as Toufee 2.0 is out, you can be rest assured that you will working with an online flash movie maker tool that is more than cutting-edge and way ahead of features and competition.

  • 11 years ago

Scott Thompson

I think it's a wonderful idea to wait. Nothing is more maddening than to be cutting edge one night an be out dated by morning. Keep up the good work and you've got my support. Kind regards, Scott Thompson President 3DHollywood.biz

  • 11 years ago


I don't know what kind of "company" you consider yourselves to be, but if you use that kind of profanity there is no way any consumers or investors will ever consider you to be truly professionals and thus worthy of your time and money. Your site is halfway decent but if it just had a clean, professional edge to it then you could really see some amazing growth.

  • 11 years ago


i just wanna know WHEN Toufee will launch out, coz i'm waiting for a long time. honestly it's quite good & interesting flash software but ........ so tired waiting for it. good luck.

  • 11 years ago

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