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This is an archived Blog Article referencing an earlier version of Toufee. These articles are maintained for the sake of posterierity. Information presented on these pages mat not apply to this new version of Toufee.

Toufee Pro – A quick overview

Toufee Pro is the much awaited version of Toufee, the most popular online flash movie maker application. Toufee Pro is built on cutting-edge Adobe Flex technology and utilizes the best of Flex technology to deliver superior features and functionality not available in any of the previous Toufee versions. Toufee Pro brings with it loads of new features, hundreds of preset effects, advanced timing controls, downloadable movies (as SWF files), direct upload to YouTube, new collaboration features, a new UI and a host of feature-rich options that make Toufee Pro a powerful flash movie making application.

What is new in Toufee Pro?

Everything is new!

Everything is new about Toufee Pro, unlike the convention where an update version would just mean some additional functionality or patching bugs in the previous versions. Toufee Pro is built using Flex, Adobe’s next generation Flash development platform. The technology is cutting-edge and Toufee is one of the first few applications to leverage the huge potential of the Flex technology. The source code for Toufee Pro has been completely rewritten from scratch and the core Toufee engine is more robust and highly scalable for quicker deployment of new features.

A sleek UI

Not only the code, but the UI has undergone some serious change (in fact, 360 degree revamp). Toufee Pro now sports a sleek and a highly functional UI. The new UI allows working with Toufee a breeze as things can be done quickly using the new menu-based options without needing to change too many screens. The UI also sports a functional expand/collapse windows so you can easily get it out of view when you don’t need them. One of the biggest enhancements has been the context-sensitive windows - these are automatically updated with the details of the movie object or item that is currently selected. When used in conjunction with the menu-based options, the new UI greatly increases productivity and helps you get your movies done quickly and without any hassle.

Hundreds of new effects

Toufee Pro comes loaded with more preset effects that you will never run out of effects to complete your movie. Not only does the new effect give you a huge list to choose from, but you can also add chain-effects (more than one effect to an object). The new preset text effects can also be applied to images, videos and you will be amazed at the end-result!

Advanced Timing Control

Timing control has been greatly improved in Toufee Pro. Users can now precisely control the timing of the objects and their orders in their movies. The timing controls are so powerful now that one can make complex flash movie animations. Synchronization is made much simpler but still has highly customizable settings. The new advanced timing control features turns Toufee Pro into a powerful flash movie maker that even seasoned flash designer would find handy.

Instant Collaboration

Collaboration is one of the new advanced features introduced with the new version that truly makes Toufee Pro a powerful online flash movie application. Collaboration is similar to your Remote Desktop feature in Windows. With collaboration, a Toufee user can directly connect to another user’s workspace and view all his work in live action! Besides, users can chat during their collaboration sessions. Flash design teams can now easily collaborate real-time, and senior flash designers can quickly review and monitor flash design teams or individual designers.

Download flash movies

Users can now download their flash movies as SWF files to their PC. This allows users to keep a copy of their flash movies so that they can use it on their business websites, corporate presentations, to develop custom courseware and even upload to third-party websites.

Upload flash movies to YouTube

Toufee flash movies can now be uploaded to YouTube, so users don’t have the trouble to convert their movies to YouTube-supported formats. Toufee flash movies can be the perfect way to sell your business or yourself and YouTube offers the perfect launchpad to make it public. With Toufee Pro, publishing flash movies to YouTube is done easily with a few clicks, something that can otherwise take you hours to do post your flash movies manually and in the correct format.

And that is not all…

Toufee Pro comes will more features than you will ever need which will be covered in my further blog posts.

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