Working with backgrounds for a Flash Builder flash movie

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When working with the Flash Builder, a frequent question that I see from customers is how to set a common background color or a background image for a flash movie. The following KB articles already address adding a background color as well as setting a background image respectively, Setting a Common Background Color Setting a Common Background Image Just to clarify a basic question, the default background that is set for a Flash Builder flash movie is a transparent background. It means that the flash movie takes the background of its container, i.e. say you embed the flash movie in your webpage that has a red background, the flash movie takes the red color. If you place the flash movie over a webpage that has a gradient or textured background, then the same background comes through due to the background transparency. Setting a Gradient background What's less obvious is how to set a gradient color for the background. To be able to do this, one has to have a solid color background set. With a backround color set, click the Background label in the Timing bar. This will reveal the Background Properties section in the left panel

Click the Change button to open the Edit Gradient window. You should now be able to set the two colors for the Gradient effect. A quick tip to achieve sleek gradient effects is to avoid colors that have sparking color contrasts, i.e. don't go for colors that are two opposite sides of the spectrum, instead choose the second color that is close but distinguishable from first color - this will result in professional looking gradients.

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