Working with Toufee Flash Movies: Points to Ponder

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First of all, wish all our Toufee customers and readers of this blog a very Happy and a Prosperous New Year 2012. As I start to think about the first blog entry for the new year, I decided to cover aspects of the Toufee Flash Builder as well as the Flash Apps that are often overlooked. The items discussed below are those that are frequently asked at the Support Desk but do not have any documentation elsewhere on the site. I hope this blog should add more clarity to customers for now. Watch out for the filename When saving your flash movie project, make sure you don't use an existing project name to save a new project. Toufee simply overwrites any existing project file that exists by the same name without any warning.  This applies to Flash Builder-type projects as well as any of the other Flash Apps. This does look awkward and we're fully aware of this glitch. The technical team is working on putting a warning note very soon. Popup Blocker message keeps popping up If you happen to use hyperlinks in your flash movie, then you may noticed that every time that you click on the link, Toufee opens a popup blocker warning window. This happens even if you had turned off the popup blocker setting for your browser. Weird? Well Toufee actually displays this warning regardless of your popup blocker setting, i.e. Toufee displays the warning all times. However, many customers have reported that it doesn't look any good on their flash movies. We're coming up with a fix to this very soon. Clicked the SWF or YouTube download option but no effect When using the SWF download option, you may have noticed that clicking the SWF icon in the Publish Project window results in nothing don't seem to get the SWF download prompt. The same may hold true when using the YouTube download option...absolutely nothing. The gotcha here is that Toufee happens to open a new browser window (that initiates the SWF file download or YouTube video queued message) and this new window gets opened in the background, i.e. you may notice this visually when you have multiple browser tabs or windows opens. So the next time this happens, please do check all open browser windows for the SWF download prompt or the Video Queued message. No option to delete Image, Audio or Video? This might be a bomber. The reason that this option was turned off is due to the fact that when you add an image or an audio to your flash movie, Toufee only maintains a reference to the uploaded content and does not embed the image or audio unless to export the flash movie as a SWF file. When we did have the option to delete the uploaded content, users started to delete images that were still in use with other projects and some users deleted the image after adding it to a project thinking it would be saved along with the project file. This resulted in many customer movies going and we had to temporarily turn off the delete option to avoid data loss.

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