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Yesterday, I was browsing through Toufee's Movie Gallery and was amazed at the quality of the movies that Toufee users created. Its a pleasant surprise really, when you look at what people can do using a tool like Toufee or any tool for that matter. Looking at all those movies, we become more passionate to improve Toufee, provide more features and make it more powerful. Right from the start, we enjoyed building Toufee. We were passionate about what we did and it clearly shows when one looks at the movies done by Toufee members. At this point, I would like to clarify that I am not exaggerating things coz I am from the Toufee team...really not! I always believe that when you enjoy doing something, you end up with something special - its like an artist admiring his painting for hours, like a designer who's spellbound looking his designs ramp-walked by models, like a composer who just produced the best music of his can go on but the feeling is the same, its the act of enjoying what you do. Toufee is something close to our heart and that we enjoying building to make it better everyday. Last but not the least, Toufee is nothing without YOU. Its because of your creative content that makes Toufee a success. Its your creative passion that keeps us going, its your creativity that translates into us making Toufee and its the power of YOU that drives us in building Toufee. Please leave your suggestions on what you think about Toufee, any features that you require, any comments that you may have or just anything about Toufee. YOU are the power behind Toufee. Cheers Ganesh Toufee Support

  • 12 years ago

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